MA 343 Introduction to Real Analysis

Instructor: Tom Hull  (Mendel 256, x4334)
Class times: Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00-3:15
Room: O'Reilly 214 (I think)

Text: Elementary Classical Analysis, 2nd edition, W H Freeman & Co., 1993, ISBN 0716721058
This book is rather expensive. If you know you're going to be in this class, I suggest you try to get a used copy on the web somewhere well in advance. (Make sure it's the second edition!)

Description: In one sense real analysis is just doing calculus all over again, only this time we prove everything. But in another, larger sense this class is much more than that. It's about setting up a system to analyze things like calculus thoroughly and rigorously so that we can move beyond calculus. That is the real goal of real analysis. (Ha!)

Course Format:  This will be a READING course!  It will also be a WRITING course!  What does that mean?
        It means that each class you'll have to READ a section of the book and look at some of the exercise problems.  Then in class we'll discuss the section, answer any questions you have, and try working on the problems.
        It also means that you will have to WRITE up problems every week.  In Real Analysis 99% of the homework problems will be writing PROOFS.  Yes, that's right, proofs!  We try to prove everything that you previously learned in Calculus, and a few more things on top of that!

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