MA 343A Introduction to Real Analysis

Instructor: Thomas Hull, Mendel 256, x4334,

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Text: Analysis with an Introduction to Proof, 2nd edition, by Steven R. Lay, Prentice Hall, 1990.

Description: In one sense real analysis is just doing calculus all over again, only this time we prove everything. But in another, larger sense this class is much more than that. It's about setting up a system to analyze things like calculus thoroughly and rigorously so that we can move beyond calculus. That is the real goal of real analysis. (Ha!)

With only one semester, we won't have much time, if any, to go beyond like that. We'll have our hands full going over logic, defining the real number system, playing with epsilons and deltas, and proving all the Theorems from calculus. But hopefully we'll have time at the end to glimpse beyond the veil of calculus ... Lebesgue integration! Ooooo!

Homework: There will be weekly homework assignments. Some will be easy, and some won't be! Not to worry, though. You'll be allowed to resubmit any assignments that you hand in for a better grade. (As long as you hand in the first attempt on time!)

Grading and exams: There will be two exams and a final. The grade breakdown will be:
homework: 30 points
two exams: 40 points (20 each)
final : 30 points
TOTAL : 100 points

Please come by and see me if you have any questions! Or if anything happens to you that makes this course difficult, or if you're having any trouble, or if you just want to gripe, feel free to stop by. Except for when I'm teaching and lunchtime, I'm usually in my office.

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