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The following are web pages that are related to the origami-math mission. Further our cause and visit these sites!
  • Information on Stamp Foldings
    This is the Combinatorial Object Server's (COS) tutorial on the stamp folding problem, which is related to 1-dimensional folding as well as single vertex flat folds (in 2D).  This is a great intro, with descriptions of equivalent problems (like counting mazes and meanders).

  • Erik Demaine's Web Page
    Erik has devoted a lot of time towards convincing people that there are interesting computation questions to ask in the field of origami. (Actually, if you take a glance at his web page, you'll see that he spends a lot of time on zillions of other things too. Some people seem to have more time that other people. No fair!) Thus, if you're interested in the field of computational origami then give Erik's page a look. You'll find preprints/reprints of many interesting papers. Erik recently was made an assistant professor at MIT in their Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department.

  • Business Card Menger Sponge Project
    Dr. Jeannine Mosely's awesome project of constructing a level 3 Menger Sponge out of folded business cards. A monument of mathematical recycling!

  • Valeire Vann's Modular Origami Home Page
    Lots of modular origami models by a very prolific creator!

  • Rona Gurkewitz's home page
    Information on Rona's and Bennett Arnstein's books and modular designs.

  • Jim Plank's Modular Origami Page
    More modular madness!

  • Shadowfolds.com
    This is Chris Palmer's web site. It needs Flash 4, but it contains a big gallery of many of Chris' origami tessellations. Well worth a look!

  • Helena Verrill's pages
    More on modulars and origami tessellations.

  • Alex Bateman's Origami Page
    Even more tessellations!

  • LWCD Inc.
    This features their book Paper Folding which provides methods to teach geometry using paperfolding methods.

  • Math in Motion
    These are pages about Barbara Pearl's Math in Motion book, which provides lots of information on using origami in the K-6 math classroom.

  • Forced Crumpling Web Page
    A research group at the University of Chicago, led by Tom Witten, has been studying the physics of crumpling various media. Amazing stuff!

  • Solar Sails: Folding the "Miura-Ori"
    This page (in French, as of 3/8/98) by Olivier Boisard provides instructions for folding Koryo Miura's "map fold." This fold is mathematically piecewise linear, which means it can be folded in sheet metal (if we make hinges at the crease lines). It also collapses and opens very simply, and thus has been used as a way to deploy solar panel arrays in space satellites. For a brief announcement of when such origami technology was used in a real Japanese satellite, see the United Nation's 1995 Highlights in Space report. (Thanks to Jeff Ellis for pointing these links out to me!)

  • A Paper Folding Project
    Paul Haeberli has put together a great tutorial on making origami pleated designs. This basic exercise resembles the pioneering work of Shuzo Fujimoto in the 1970s.

  • Origami in Education and Therapy Bibliography
    John Smith, of England, has compiled what is probably the most extensive bibliography of publications on the uses of origami in education and therapy. Many of the articles touch on math education, so it's worth a look!

Let me know if I've missed any!  Last updated 8/27/02.

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