A Triangular Rigid Fold with a Locked State

This web page describes joint work with Zach Abel, Tomohiro Tachi, and myself. It is described in more detail in the paper "Locked rigid origami with multiple degrees of freedom" which should be published in the 6OSME Origami^6 proceedings. (I'll post a link and publication data when it's made available.) This work was completed (mostly) during the 28th Computational Geometry Workshop held at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University in Holetown, Barbados (in March of 2013) run by Erik Demaine and Godfried Toussaint. My participation in this workshop was supported by NSF grant EFRI-ODISSEI 1240441.

The main purpose of this page is to provide our Mathematica code for the kinematic model of this crease pattern (i.e., a matrix-based model that will animate the crease pattern folding and unfolding).

We used this model to create images of the self-intersection configuration space. (See the pictures below.)

In any case: Click here for the Mathematica code.

This work was supported by NSF EFRI-ODDISSEI grant 1240441, Mechanical Meta-Materials from Self-Folding Polymer Sheets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: thull@wne.edu

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