(Jun Maekawa's Devil, folded from one square of paper, no cutting)


PS 1: Due Feb 3
PS 2: Due Feb 10
PS 3: Due Feb 17
PS 4: Due Feb 24

Here are some handouts:
(all are in PDF format)

Capped Octahedron Bomb
PHiZZ Unit
Business Card Unit
Bigger PHiZZ Unit Rings

MA 323A Combinatorial Geometry!

Midterm Project

Your midterm project will be a paper 3-5 pages in length (NOT including pictures). The topic of your paper is up to you, but must be related to origami or the subjects in our class and it must have some math content in it.

You can focus your paper on a specific subject, or you can base it around a math problem, like one of the homework problems or one of the projects we did in class. Just about everything we've done in this class could be expanded and turned into a paper, so if there's anything we did that you especially liked, that could be your paper topic.

Ideas for topics? Here are some:
  • Buckyballs, Bucky tori, applications of these things, etc.
  • This origami geometry stuff we've been doing lately. Lots of things to do there.
  • Polyhedra: How do we define polyhedra anyway? What are some of the calsses of polyhedra that the Poly program contains?
  • History of origami (gotta include some math in there too, though, like Japanese sangaku or something).
  • Graph theory: do more about colorings, the Four Color Theorem, Hamilton circuits, or stuff like that. (For example, do all Buckyballs contain a Hamilton circuit?)
  1. Due Tuesday, March 1: A 1 or 2 paragraph description of your miterm paper topic.
  2. Due sometime after Spring Break (March 17?): The actual paper.

Come see me or email me with your questions or project ideas. I have lots of ideas and references for you to look at! The sooner you get started on this the better!