Origami-Math Bibliography

(Note: last updated 6/5/08)
The intersection between the subjects of origami and mathematics is rich with interesting results and applications. It's also a field that's becoming more and more popular, especially the use of origami in math and science education.

Unfortunately, there are few general, all-around, "it's all here" references for the subject of origami-mathematics. The major sources in this subject are scattered throughout the mathematical and educational literature. I've tried to compile as complete a list of origami-math references as possible, but it's really impossible for me to catalog them all. Also, just because I list a reference here doesn't mean I have it! Many of the article and book references here were given to me by other people, and I haven't gotten around to finding them yet.

Tom's Picks

As this bibliography has grown, it occurred to me that I should make an effort to draw people's attention to articles that are of special significance. Go to this page to see my suggestions.

Proceedings and Special Journal Issues

A number of proceedings books resulting from origami conferences have been published, as well as a few special journal issues devoted to origami-math. Most of these are hard to find, except the last one! Still, you can click on the title to see the table of contents and see whatever other information I have.


There are a few books devoted to origami mathematics and a few other books that devote a chapter to the subject.


There are an amazing number of articles dealing with the mathematics of origami that have been published over the years. I've tried to break them down into six subcategories.
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