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Hi! Welcome to my web page. I finished my Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Rhode Island in 1997. My dissertation was on list coloring bipartite graphs, but now I mostly study the mathematics of origami (paper folding).

I'm currently an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at Western New England University in Springfield, MA.

I regularly teach in Western New England's Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers (MAMT) program. If you are a middle- or high-school math teacher in the Pioneer Valley area of Massachusetts, you should definitely check us out!

News! I have been awarded a 3-year research grant by the National Science Foundation's Directorate of Mathematical Sciences. The title is Configuration Spaces of Rigid Origami.

     In the Spring 2020 semester I was teaching
           MATH 375-02 Creative Problem Solving, TThr 9:30am-10:50pm
      And for the 11-week Winter 2020 graduate term:
           MAMT 564-40 Analysis, MW 5:00-6:50pm

     In the Fall 2020 semester I will be teaching
           MATH 235-03 Calculus III, TThr 2:00pm-3:20pm
           MATH 379-01 Graph Theory, TThr 11:00am-12:20pm
      And for the 11-week Fall 2020 graduate term:
           MAMT 552-41 Geometry Revisited, MW 5:00-6:50pm

     Please Email me if you have any questions about, well, anything!    

There are a lot of things on this site. As it's grown they've gotten all inter-mingled and some of the links go in circles. Below is a list of the main things here, but feel free to explore!


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Thomas Hull
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